Who are The Closet Junkies ?






Born of the streets of New York City's Southside, and Kansas City's "Wild 50's", The Closet Junkies is a movement to inspire and empower those who make their dreams reality. We like to say, "It was all a dream"..........lol, nah I won't be that corny but Big was right, it was a dream. A dream to follow in the footsteps of Dapper Dan, Steve Stouts, Daymond John, DJ Magic Mike and more

In a time where safe spaces for hip-hop artists, promoters, and the culture are exceedingly rare, The Closet Junkies is a voice that is fighting to be heard. We believe that the hip-hop community deserves an outlet for expression and inspiration. We believe that hip-hop has played a key role in shaping America's history and should continue to do so. We believe in that those who have been silenced. 

Mike Brass (Queens to KC) , Stash Madison (BK to KC) have created more than a brand, they've created a lifestyle, a movement, planted a seed that with the right elements will grow and feed a generation of DJ's, Beat makers, trendsetters, icons, and legends. 

We create classic, timeless apparel that speaks to a generation, a cause or simply helps raise awareness of an issue, either way we are in the business of "making dreams come true through our medians of fashion and music and now health and wellness". With the collaboration of Shift Gawd formerly of C.E.D Records, and Roc Flair Studios, Mike Brass and Stash Madison have built The Closet Junkies to be the main source that will bring you the top tier in fashion, music, media, entertainment and more. To learn more subscribe to our blog "DRPD"